Sarah Friedland


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71 min x 3 channels, digital video, 2019

A 3-channel video installation of a durational dance, CROWDS investigates the choreography of crowd typologies and the slippages between them. Much like a flock of murmurating birds, the thresholds between these crowd types are blurred and distorted: the rocking of bodies in prayer slip into the shaking of raving dancers, the training exercises of sports teams slide into the structured formations of fascist spectacles. Focusing on these collective formations, movements, and gestures, CROWDS uses dance to interrogate the distinctions we make and to destabilize the relationship between ideologies and moving bodies. It attempts to articulate the embedded choreographic register of our political discourses and polemics, reflecting what is amassed and what is lost as we gather and disperse.

Direction/Choreography/Editing by Sarah Friedland. Produced by Brighid Greene and Sarah Friedland. An Art Factory International Production. Cinematography by Luca Nervegna. Sound Design by Denera James and Assaf Gidron.

World Premiere at Ann Arbor Film Festival, Off the Screen! expanded cinema section. Currently on view at MAM Rio (Museu de Arte Moderna de Rio de Janeiro) as part of Festival ECRÃ.

Upcoming: Exhibition at the Wassaic Project from August 3rd - September 20th. Opens as part of the Wassaic Project Summer Festival. Artist Talk 8/3 @ 3:30.